Garden Story

Our visitors often ask how Garden Resort was created because it is so full of details and has this warm home atmosphere with a touch of real luxury. It may sound a little unconvincing when we say it came about by pure chance. We have, therefore, decided to tell you the whole story.

We will start from our grandmother who lived in Fažana, but originally came from the village of Kavran. Grandma Ana was a hardworking woman who spent her lifetime working at Brijuni Islands in White Villa, the former presidental residence. Working as a maid she got to know many famous people like Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton etc. Having inherited some land in Kavran, she and her husband Mirko wisely invested their money into building a summer house for the family.


Garden Resort Founders, Grandma Ana and Grandpa Mirko

It was in today’s Holiday Home Ana where their children Ester and Emil spent their first unforgettable summer vacations. After several years Ana and Mirko bought another piece of land with an old house from Ana’s brother Karlo. They renovated the two houses, and since they were actually “not needed” at the time, they began to rent them out in the 1990’s marking the beginning of tourism in Kavran.


First swimming pool and Holiday Home Dora built in 1999

Today, Ester and her husband Goran are managing Garden Resort and making sure their guests have a peaceful and unforgettable summer holiday. Garden resot is a family resort, created for families with children and friends, for true vacationing and enjoying the summer, nature, sport and a good grill!
 We have created it with love – enjoy it as best you can!


Grandma Ana and Grandpa Mirko at Garden Resort in 2004


Today’s Garden Resort managers, Ester and Goran